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  • Holster Storage

    Here's one that has me in a brain tease.......maybe someone has a good idea.....


    I have a box full of holsters which all fit some gun or another or several......I haven't sold or thrown away a holster in over 45 years of playing in the gun world.....

    As some of you know I've been laid up lately with a health problem and I am a lot stronger with 3 weeks left before I go back to work...so......

    I decided to straighten out one of my gun cabinets. I bought a couple of nice hand gun racks and love them.....have all the ammo in place by caliber, etc.

    BUT WHAT IN THE WORLD DO I DO WITH THE HOLSTERS?????? Got a box full.....anyone devised a way to store holsters in a neat and concise way??

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    Wish I could offer an idea. I've got a stack of them myself on the top shelf of a closet. Every time I want to go to the range, I grab a gun and then end up trying every holster before I find the right one.



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      I finally took a black marker and put the ID of the gun that fits on the back or inside. Somewhere where it does not show when the holster is in place. Also have taken some of them up to the Dade City Range Sunday swap meets and sold a few I don't use.

      It is hard to part with stuff that you are convinced you might use at sometime in the future. So pick 5 you haven't used in the last 10 years and dump them. Might put some money in your pocket towards a new gun.

      Mine are kept in two drawers too hard to organize them since they are all sizes and shapes. I suppose you could ID them with zip ties and tags.
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        Take a couple of old belts and put as many holsters as you can on each belt. You can cut a wire hanger to fit through one of the belt holes and hang them up in your closet.


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          I would not dare allow my wife to see my box of holsters, how would I ever justify having more, slightly used, holsters than she has shoes.

          I put some on consignment at a local gun auction in the past and have a couple in today's auction, but the return seldom exceeds $00.25 on the dollar.
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            I struggle with mold , mildew or what ever that is. Any ideas on how to beat that?


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              i put three or four in a 1 gallon plastic bag then put them in a solid color plastic box no mole, bugs or mildew 99% of mine is lather


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                Buy one of those shoe bags that hang on a closet door. One shoe equals one holster.


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                  Originally posted by cofdogrobber View Post
                  Buy one of those shoe bags that hang on a closet door. One shoe equals one holster.
                  That is a GREAT idea!!
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