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How to clean a pistol...with a garden hose???

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  • How to clean a pistol...with a garden hose???

    Wanna learn how to clean your pistol the quick and easy way? This two-minute video will show you how…


    Why do I carry? Somebody else will pick the day I need my gun, not me.

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    I used to clean an M-14 in the shower.

    So the hose way isn't so weird

    There something charming about the sound of bullets-----George Washington


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      IMHO! Burton is full of bull. Yes you might do this if you have to, but I don't have to....LOL!!!!
      The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his/her rifle.


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        I shower with my Thompson Center Hawkins black powder rifle to clean it but can imagine doing that with any of my other firearms.
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