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Camo your rifle

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  • Camo your rifle

    I don't have the pictures anymore saved on my computer, but I have the thread from another forum where i posted them.


    Decided I wanted to paint one of my rifles this past week and below are the results. Pretty painless method. This is the first time i've done anything like this so its not perfect, but it will get the job done. Started out with a savage 93. Here are the results from along the way...

    Spray paint. I used the Krylon Camo colors khaki, green, and brown
    Blue painters tape
    Acetone to clean the barrel
    Sandpaper to rough up the stock (I used 80 grit)

    Rifle before the paint and prep work. Ensure when prepping you cover the action and internals with some sort of protection (I used blue painters tape) I also used placed a foam ear plug into the muzzle to prevent tape from getting into the barrel. Sorry I don't have a picture of it prepped.

    After getting a few base coats of tan. Use long sweeping motions so you dont get drips and runs.

    After a solid base was built I added some green. I did this by laying some wide grass against the rifle and spraying shorts bursts at it.

    Next was the brown, didn't spray as much of this. Tried to keep the overall paint scheme somewhat light.

    Finished! Threw it in some weeds and dead leaves to see how it looks.

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    How does the paint hold up? I'm not a 'camo' kind of guy, but I have a rifle barrel I would like to paint black matte, and I don't have an oven big enough to use that bake on stuff.

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      mr b,

      it held up decent for the first 2 months. then i gave the rifle to my dad since im currently overseas and cant have any of my guns. not sure how its doing now. but the nice part about that paint is if it starts to get worn or you want to change it, it comes clean with a decent solvent and you can start over.


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        Nice work! Thanks for sharing.
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          That looks downright professional.
          So, what is Korea like and what do you do there?
          The farthest west (east?) I've been is Hawaii.
          I ate a lot in Korean restaurants there, though.


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            Very nice job. Good luck with it.
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              Originally posted by g.willikers View Post
              That looks downright professional.
              So, what is Korea like and what do you do there?
              The farthest west (east?) I've been is Hawaii.
              I ate a lot in Korean restaurants there, though.
              Thanks, it was a fun project too!
              I work on Osan AB over here, its a pretty good time (as good as work can get). There area is nice, lots of real nice people, really crazy nice compared to living in the US. We are in the middle of typhoon season right now, just got through with a pretty good sized one. but if you can past that, the food is remarkable :)


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                man that looks good! I've tried to paint camo but screw it up every time. maybe I didnt have enough beers. I'll have to pick up a 12 pack and try again.


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                  Looks pretty good!


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                    Great job!

                    Looks just like a factory job.


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