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Wright Leather Works

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  • Wright Leather Works

    Well I hope this is the correct spot for this because it is kind of a review. I was planning on ordering a holster from Wright Leather Works but I decided to try one of their 1.5" wide, 14 oz. (1/4" thick) genuine bull hide gun belts first. I ordered it on 12/16, it shipped on 12/20 & it arrived on 12/26. This thing is stout for sure & it fits great. As soon as I put it on I noticed that the size numbers on the inside were upside down & so was their logo on the outside of the belt. This is no big deal to me but if I was them I would want my trademark visible & legible for all to see. After the test fit I took it back off to change the buckle out to my own. I'm not sure if they used Loctite or have Lou Ferrigno tightening the Chicago Screws but they would not budge. I tried for a full day & had other people trying as well but I could not loosen them. Not being able to put my own buckle on a belt is a deal breaker for me. I contacted them to ask if there was a trick to getting them off. Brandon Wright replied & said to put one side on some rubber to get it to bite so I could loosen it. I had already tired that & every other material I could find but nothing worked. He suggest that they send a new belt without the hardware installed, which they did. I informed him that their logo was upside down also & he requested pictures. Once he received the pictures he said he would get a new belt out asap. I received the new belt this morning & my buckle went on easy. It fits great & feels great but I am a little disappointed because their logo is upside down again. I am not disappointed about how it looks but I am disappointed in their quality control. I brought this to their attention & they still managed to ship the replacement with the same error. I really wanted one of their holsters but I am not sure I feel confident ordering one now because of this QC issue. Does anyone else have experience with their products?
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    Good review on this product. Thanks..
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