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Value of DPMS LR-308

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  • Value of DPMS LR-308

    I have been looking for a new motor for my car and found someone who might be interested in trading my LR-308 for the motor. The value of the motor (6.0L lq9 out of a denali) is $1,500 delivered to me. This is a fair price for the motor.

    I dont want to have this guy thinking I am trying to rip him off, so I am wondering if this would be a fair trade.

    The gun:
    -A low serial number DPMS LR-308
    -Free float quad-rail
    -Jard single stage adjustable trigger
    -Millet TRS 4-16 illuminted scope
    -18'' barrel
    -Rock River front flip up sight
    -100 rounds of ammo
    -40 rounds of Lake City tungsten steel core ammo
    -Two 19 round mags and 1 5 round mag
    -All original paperwork/cleaning kit/hard case/original trigger, ect.
    -About 300 rounds fired.
    -Gun is in perfect condition - no scratches ect. Accurate too

    Your thoughts? I know I have more into it then $1500, but thats not always what counts.

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    I will give you my 'thoughts' but you must realize that they are worth exactly what you paid for them.

    It doesn't matter what we think your rifle is worth.

    In any trade situation, each of the traders must make their own assessment. How much 'value' do you place on the engine and the rifle? The other person sets those values in his mind FOR HIM. I don't expect that you would make the trade if you value the rifle more than the engine; and conversely, he won't make the trade if he values the engine more than the rifle.

    Whatever happens, I hope you are satisfied.


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      My theory on the trade is that I would use the motor almost every weekend while I only use the gun a couple times a year. I shoot mostly 5.56 so the .308 hardly gets used.

      These motors have huge potential. Rebuild the motor, new set of heads and some forced induction and 800-900 hp is easily accessible.

      And yes you are right, the rifle is worth whatever it is worth to the person buying/trading for it. But they wouldnt make books on values of guns if the value of a gun is arbitrary.


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        800-900hp for 800-900yrds is a fair trade!
        NRA Life Member


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          you would be coming out ahead on the trade


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            Ok I figured it was worth 800-900 without the scope and if it didn't have a lot of stuff coming with it. I guess I may be wrong about the value of the gun. When I purchased them, they were pretty new on the market so I probably paid a bunch more then what they are selling for now. I haven't really kept up with their values either.

            The motor would need an additional 10g to make those numbers. But that's still very cheap hp.


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