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AR scope mounts and front sight post

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  • AR scope mounts and front sight post

    Just curious...I noticed on my shiny new AR that any scope mount, even with high rings will have the front sight in the line of sight of the scope. What do most do? Ignore this? Remove the sight? Some sort of ultra high mount? I am sure there are options. Thanks!

    ps...I notice there are some scope risers on the market that are for this purpose? ProMag for one.

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    Ignore it.

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      You're suppose to ignore it. If you choose to use a red dot scope, try to line it up with the open sights to "co-witness" the two sights.

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        The only time it really gets in the way is on low magnification. Once you go higher with the magnification the sight begins to blur and by time you get out to about 9 mag, you shouldn't be able to see it at all. Come to think of it, I was laser boresighting a new 1-4x last night in the house with a circle/donut reticle, and I don't remember seeing the front sight while doing it.
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          Scott, with the proper height required to mount a scope on a flat top AR, the fixed front sight post will appear in the bottom third of your field of view. For a red dot site, this is actually preferable, as you can you use both your open sights, and the red dot. For a scope, once you get magnification, it pretty much blurs out. On very low magnification, it may be somewhat noticeable, but you will get used to it, and tune it out.

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            Remove the thing and put a lo-pro gas block on it when you put your new handguard on.
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              Consider the folding front sight gas block. As far as being a quality front sight option, I'd trust this thing if beaten up way more than the stock front sight.


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                I had a 2.5 magnification behind my red-dot and it blurred the front sight post to non-existent. Its not worth changing until you want to for some other reason.

                When I changed out the fore-end to a long free float, I switched to a rail mounted flip up sight (Troy Arms).

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                  I have scopes on all my AR and only noticed the post when using a Burris 5x scope. Since I really didn't care to see the front sight, I installed a riser. Recently removed the riser after deciding it's not necessary after all. Instead of a riser, spend the extra money on the mount. The Burris PEPR mounts are reasonably priced.
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                    Lancer 86 and Kurt have it right. Railed gas block with BUIS, or the YHM integral are the way to go. A decent gas block and decent BUIS (no Ebay Tiawan Tactical sights or fake Magpuls!) will cost about the same as the YHM. The big triangle just gets in the way.
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