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Is Magpul PMAG M3 AR magazine nearly indestructible?

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  • Is Magpul PMAG M3 AR magazine nearly indestructible?

    Probably old hat for most of you, but these two video's are interesting stress tests of these magazines. If nothing else, the slow motion is neat and the video of the truck running over mags is entertaining...not that I plan on running any over! But, I did order one of these up just to try it and see if I like it. Both Midway and Aim Surplus is pushing advertising for them.

    Click on the video image

    Magpul versus a Chevy truck! I wish he would of actually shot it after the abuse...better example!
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    Magpul is the snizzle ...... me luvs me magpul
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      Magpul makes a lot of excellent products, never had any that I thought were mediocre, even if some turned out not to be my preference. The other good thing about these new mags, is you can find the older ones on sale all over the place!

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        I've got an article laying around somewhere, putting multiple industry leader ar magazines through testing. Direct hits with shotguns, high drops, water, mud, and of course the run over with the car gag. The magpul outperformed all others including the USGI issued mags. On another note, I was lucky enough to have picked up a brand new magpul magazine in the BBQ raffle in dade city : )


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          Haven't had chance to see one of their new mags, but I'm sure it will be well made.
          Love Magpul products for the most part and use their stocks, hand guards, sights and mags.

          Now, for what I don't like:
          1) Rear mounted sling mount. Nice idea but don't care for the rattling noise when a sling is not attached.
          2) Grips. Not to my taste. Too hard and don't like the rattling from the spare parts holder. Personally, my favorite grip is a Ergo grip.

          Wish they would make a free floating hand guard. Plus, stocks and hand guards for a FNH SLP.
          Are you listening Magpul?


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