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Forward Assist!!??

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    It's not required on modern ARs, and serves as more of a legacy feature from the days in which the military manual of arms was still adjusting to the weapons maintenance requirements of the platform.

    That said, due to the number of manufacturers spitting out parts during this day in age, you'll come across bolts, BCGs, barrels, and uppers that may not be within spec of each other. I've seen new ARs bind up during the break in process due to lack of proper lubrication or improper headspacing. A few punches to the forward assist sometimes is enough to fully seat the bolt and resume normal operation.


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      Originally posted by weaselfire View Post
      I never though about it this way, but it makes sense. For many civilian uses, mil-spec is a starting point to tune from, so I never really considered it as an asset for a weapon to be mil-spec.

      Agreed here.

      "Milspec" has become such a watered down marketing term, that it's hard to even lend it credence anymore.

      The military does not always know best, in fact, the weapons issued to line companies and such aren't anything special. More often than not they're overgassed, antiquated, and improperly maintained. The last 10-15 years of civilian market fueled ingenuity has done more for the AR platform than 40 years of military service.


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        I like the Ar with the FA. Otherwise it looks like a skinny airsoft rifle...


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