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Intermittent problem with SKS and the last round

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  • Intermittent problem with SKS and the last round

    I have two Chinese SKS and love them both! I find them fun and easy to work on. However, I have one SKS that seems to intermittently have a problem with the last round chambering properly? I can fire all 9 rounds but the 10th. might get jammed. Most of the time, it is in an upright position. Not always, but sometimes the cartridge is dented beyond use. Since it is the last round in the magazine I am wondering if it could be the follower or spring? I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem? Maybe the spring doesn't provide enough tension to raise that last round in place quick enough? Just a guess on my part? Again, it does not do it all the time but enough that it is annoying!!! I am running the gun well lubricated and other than this problem, it runs well. I am using WPA steel case ammo.
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    One of the problems I had with Yugo SKS was cosmoline in the magazine follower joint, this would impede the lifter just enough that the bolt would over-ride the next round. I soaked the magazine in kerosene, rinsed with boiling water (this allows the water to evaporate with condensing which can cause rust) then coated in oil. No problems since.


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