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Joined the AK family last night!

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  • Joined the AK family last night!

    Since 5.56 ammo prices are getting a little more insane every day, I decided to put my feelers out for a wasr-10. I had purchased one on my 18th birthday a few years back, and I abused the heck out of that thing. It never skipped a beat. So thanks to jazzmanDK I was able to add this beauty to my family. I plan on taking it apart and give it a solid cleaning before taking it to the range on Tuesday. 7.62x39 is still somewhat common and cheap, so now I don't have to count the dollar signs every time I empty a mag!

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    Very nice!!!! I am sure you will have fun with that! I have never owned or shot an AK but I do own an SKS. The AK seems to have a few similarities to the SKS. It looks to have a similar design to the gas tube as the SKS even down to the leaf sight? Is that where the similarity ends other than the obvious differences of a pistol grip and a higher front sight? They sure do look mean!
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      I think they are pretty much the same system with a few differences (as far as I know). The ak def doesn't get any awards for comfort. The stock is at an awkward angle, and you really have to work to get a good view of the sight. If we ever catch each other at the range I'll let you put some rounds through it mountain man..


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        I've owned a few different AK's over the years and you are right Lancer-86...they are uncomfortable. If you throw that AK in a nicer stock,get the trigger worked over and put a break on it ,...they actually become very nice shooters. Much more comfortable and a pleasure to shoot! When an AK is put into a comfortable platform.. your accuracy also increases. The trigger on AK's are also not gonna get any awards. A decent trigger job will also make a difference in comfort and accuracy.

        AK's are the "pitbull" of the rifle world. Nasty disposition,tough, menacing and specifically designed to kill. With a little care and a few changes, AK's can be very nice.
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          I've had an AK for a couple of years now....in fact bought it from a fellow forum member here....it is not pretty - in fact it simply looks menacing - shot the first time and ever since it hasn't missed a beat.....scary accurate, simple to use....if the shat were to hit the fan, I think the AK would be my choice to carry around with my handguns on my belt.

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