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Lets Kill A Mosin!

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  • Lets Kill A Mosin!

    This test doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me....

    This is a rifle that has been through everything in the last 150 years and still keeps ticking.

    These guys are trying to kill one. The last load they test in the video is about 45 grains of 2400! They fill the case with 2400, scrape it full, and then compress the load with the bullet.

    Doesn't make much sense but it is entertaining!



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    I love watcing those guys. I've seen many of their videos. This was a great test. I know I will own one someday for the nostalgia, but now I certainly will have confidence in firing them as well.


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      Those are some good folks,I've done a lot of trading with those guys when I lived in StockBridge GA. If your every in Jonesboro Ga stop buy and say hello. Good folk


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        Thanks Don, that was interesting to watch. I liked the drag test...funny! I will admit, shooting my new m44 and seeing the muzzle flash, the thought has ran thru my mind of "what if that bolt came straight back in my eye"!!! This gives me much more confidence in the gun if nothing else! You can wonder sometimes when you are shooting guns that are 60-70 years old as to how well they were built!!!
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          Well if anyone could kill a Mosin, I'm guessing Mountain Man could!

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