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A plinker and a sinker; what's your thoughts?

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  • A plinker and a sinker; what's your thoughts?

    So I've been bit by the AR bug and have begun my research. Im interested in building a 'plinker' for range/target practice and a 'sinker' so I can hunt(Hog/Deer). I'm debating between 22LR or 5.56 for my plinker and 6.8 or 300 blackout for my sinker. What's your thoughts?

    My buddy recommends 2 uppers and one lower receiver; seems like a good idea so I'm running w it for now to save cash but would ultimately want two dedicated lowers as well. What uppers do y'all recommend plinker/sinker

    I don't like the idea of a polymer lower but understand that the lower receiver doesn't take a great deal of stress. Thoughts on polymer/mill spec and recs?

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    My plinker is a New Frontier polymer lower with a DPMS Oracle upper with a Bushnell TRS25 scope. It's a great little gun.



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      6.8 vs .300 ..., you'll get some strong opinions on this subject.

      Before I built my 6.8, I looked at .308, 6.8, 6.5 and the .300.
      I even went the .308 route and hated it for hunting.
      I eliminated the .300 fairly quickly due to it's limited range compared to the 6.8 or 6.5.
      I finally decided on the 6.8 because I felt it was a better all around hunting cartridge.
      The 6.5 Grendal has slightly more range, but needs a longer barrel.
      The 6.8 looses only a limited amount of velocity when you go with a shorter barrel.
      6.8 had a more diverse bullet selection compared to the 6.5.
      And 6.8 was less expensive to build compared to a 6.5.
      Both are great for hunting deer/hogs and provide around 80% of the power of a .308 with light recoil.

      But, if you plan to run subsonic, suppressed and at close range, the .300 is probably the better choice.

      Certainly don't wish to offend anyone on this forum, that's just my .02 for whatever it's worth.

      And welcome to FGF!
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        It always good to hear what the other fellow has to say when testing different cartridges. That's why reloading is fun too.
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          Either .22LR or 5.56, can't get ammo for either...
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            I think for starting out in the AR game, I would go 5.56, and then do a complete .22 with a similar setup. Ammo will eventually come back. The idea of two uppers, one lower isn't a bad, but for me, I like having complete firearms, and it won't break the bank to buy a second lower.

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              I always hear the same thing from those that shoot the 6.8.... "it has more range than the .300 BLK". In my way of thinking, so what? I (and you) live in Florida. Just how much hunting are you going to do where you will have shots over 200 yards? Sure the 6.8 has better accuracy at 500 yards but I don't even see many places that you can shoot paper at that range.

              There are other reasons why, IMHO, here in Florida the .300 makes the best sense. Rather than explain all of them let me offer you a website that covers the pros and cons of both rounds and you make your choice from there.


              You may not like the idea of a polymer lower but there is nothing wrong with them. Here on the forum I have seen at least a dozen being used by people (myself included) with zero problems of any kind. For the average person with an average gun and a real life bank account they can't be beat.

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                For your plinker - I'd recommend 100% to go w/ .22LR Cheap and fun!

                For your sinker....this depends on YOU. What is the purpose of the sinker. Hunting, home defense, punching holes in paper, long range targets, or competition?

                The 6.8 SPC, 6.5 G, and 300 BLK are all apples to oranges to grapefruit! Each has its place and comparing one to another is rather useless unless you want peoples personal opinions on why ther platform is best.

                Ask yourself this - interested in a SBR or suppressed? Go 300 BLK - its great out to a max of ~400 yds with it's niche being sub 200 yards. Parts are all mil-spec minus the barrel so no special bolts, mags, etc. Brass can be formed from 5.56 and cheap bullets if you reload from pulled mil surp. Parts are all easy to find (not so much on factory ammo right now, but then again no cartridge is available)

                6.8 is a great short to mid range round - great bullet selection but propritary bolt and mag. Brass may be pricey.

                6.5 finds its place for mid and long range. Its supersonic past 1000 yrds. Also has propritary bolt and mag. Brass is pricey but steel cased ammo is rumored to come out by Wolf. So the ammo may be cheaper than the 6.8. However, 6.8 has a better selection.

                Ask yourself how far you expect to shoot. All are great platforms, but which fits your needs.

                Opinions from me? I own all three, if I had to make a recommendation - learn to re-load and go 300 BLK. I don't see the average shooter/hunter/gun range with much to do past 200 yards in Florida. Brass is abundant and cheaply re-sized and bullets are cheap compared to the others for re-loading purposes.

                Most all factory ammo for all three are about the same. Do some reading and see what best fits you.
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                  I agree with Don. For my purposes, being able to use 5.56 stuff, especially forming brass made the choice much easier for me. I don't own any .300 brass that wasn't converted from .223/5.56. I started out with just a .300blk upper to add to a 5.56 gun, and have slowly been working on building the .300 into an separate gun.

                  I've never seen much for long range hunting shots here. If I was worried about longer range, I'd be using my .30-06. Being in the ballpark of .30-30 and 7.62x39 means that .300 fits my needs well enough. Now to save up for a suppressor.


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                    Originally posted by djegators View Post
                    I think for starting out in the AR game, I would go 5.56, and then do a complete .22 with a similar setup. Ammo will eventually come back. The idea of two uppers, one lower isn't a bad, but for me, I like having complete firearms, and it won't break the bank to buy a second lower.

                    .223/5.56 is fine for pigs if you go with some of the heavier loads (75gr Hornady Match). I own a 22lr AR (M&P 15-22) and it gets the most use out of all of them. It's just too fun for overall plinking and basic training, and costs next to nothing to shoot.

                    When you decide to go with a larger round, 6.8 is a fine round for taking larger pigs. When you decide to step up to this, you could always just buy a new upper and some 6.8 mags.

                    I love my 300blk AR, but I'll admit that the round is a bit clown shoes if you're not running it suppressed. That is all.
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