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Colt Walker Kit

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  • Colt Walker Kit

    Hello everyone, I'm posting to see if anyone has info, good or bad, about the Walker kit that's advertised in Dixie Gun Works. My buddy wants a Walker but is turned off by the price compared to other black powder revolvers. He also said that he wouldn't mind a kit to work on, so this seems the perfect gig for him. The only thing I found out about it is that it is a Palmetto. I'm new to BP myself ( just got a ROA not long ago ), so I have no info on Palmettos to give him. There's 2 reviews on the Dixie site itself and those weren't bad. Thanks in advance for any information.

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    Re: Colt Walker Kit

    I started shooting CAP&BALL revolvers in the 1970's I was a very low paid Jail Deputy and brass frame guns,and CVA kits were all I had for the first few years.The Walker Colt is a BIG handgun.I like them and look forward to having one again some day;but I think a Navy Colt or a !858 style Remington would be more enjoyable to start with.I have done well with the Possible Shop for all of my Black powder shooting needs.They have kits at a good price,as well as factory built guns.Their web site is very good..44 cal which is .451 or.454 dia round balls or conical bullets are a good choice..36 cal (.375dia.)balls and conicals are even cheaper to shoot and use less powder.Good files,screw drivers,and sandpaper are going to be needed.They come out well; but they do take time.You are about to learn about file &fit.


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      Re: Colt Walker Kit

      I got a Kentucky pistol kit from Dixie many, many years ago and it was a scout project to build and my brother and I were actually allowed to take it on camping trips with the scouts and shoot it at cans. I had that pistol for over 20 years and lost track of it after getting married.


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