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Taurus Introduces the Raging Judge in New Caliber

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    Well, it is produced as a pistol so it can not be a short shotgun.

    I suggest cutting the barrel at the first rib.

    I will wait for the 12G version..... THE TARUS SUPER FREAK.

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      Abomaminal Damnation !!

      I gotta have one of them. When ?? Where ?? How much ??

      But.....uh.....maybe..(?)..just might wait 'til the 10ga version comes out. That would be a real mans gun. The 28ga is for "girlie men".---pruhdlr
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        Originally posted by krazykeny View Post
        Excuse me , if I don't understand why anyone would want this...
        Because we can!

        I will wait for the 12G version..... THE TARUS SUPER FREAK.

        (the rick james signature model)
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          I wont trade any of my current collection, But would like to have one just to have it. kinda like a s&w 500 why but why not kids will be kids and we will be gun nuts. till we are carried by six
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            I want one and a concealed holster for it. That is my new conceal carry gun. I gotta go check my finances or do I have to wait until refund time.
            Hope this helps, if not, oh well.


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              Has anybody heard what this thing is classified now that SHOT is over? I can only figure the best that can be hoped for is a classification as AOW. At worst a destructive device if it's rifled. Still can't see a way around some kind of NFA tax.

              But I want one now.
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                They can legally sell it because it has a rifled barrel (hence a handgun, not a shotgun) which make it legal.

                It is all a moot point however. Taurus has removed the gun from production....




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                  I heard on another forum that somehow The Man is calling it an SBS, which I can't see, instead of an AOW, which I could see.

                  If it was made with a rifled barrel it would either be a DD (over a .50 bore) or have to have an exemption (like a rifled slug barrel "sporting purpose" exemption).
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                    MY uncle has a raging bull .454 or maybe a .500? i cant remember, but i know taurus is really steppin up their name.. but i dont think i would want buck shot going thru a rifled barrel it just seems that it would ruin the rifling's
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                      Seens its not been canceled its back up


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                        My son has the Judge "Public Defender", IMO, no fun to shoot with the .45 or the .410 round and I doubt that I would like to shoot the 28 ga. either.
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                          The Raging Roid will be the 12ga model.


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                            If they are really back in production with it as an AOW, I think I'll get one. If they have it as an SBS i'll pass.
                            NRA Certified Instructor.


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