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Another Super Blackhawk question

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  • Another Super Blackhawk question

    While practicing with my new Blackhawk, I have noticed how loud it is when cocked with two distinctive clicks. Is there anyway to make it quieter? Does anyone here hunt with one and if so, what do you do?
    I am sure that a deer will hear it if he is within 30 yards; and at the rate my skill is progressing with this gun, he's going to have to be within 30 yards for me to kill him.


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    Around here, if you deliberately **** it in one motion, the most the deer will do is look up for a second and then go back to what it was doing. Just don't **** it slowly because that will be two distinct noises to the deer.


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      Sweet SBH! I like the 10 1/2" barrel!
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        A fast **** is desirable in the woods! Keeping your hand over the cylinder will keep the **** from echoing. If the game is present, you will not even hear the ****.



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          I just love to have to **** your weapon because everytimke I say **** I get **** and it is so exciting! Stupid auto cocking devices...LOL
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