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New Ruger revolver

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  • New Ruger revolver

    The new Ruger Redhawk .45 cap / .45 Colt. Someday if one of you has an opportunity to shoot this revolver, I'd love to read the review!

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    I found a great deal on one. Only had a chance to take it to the range one time before moving down this way. All of 10 or 15 rounds of 45 Colt, and 18 rounds of 45acp. I had no issue with the 45 Colt, of course, and none with the 45acp in moon clips. I'd heard lots of negatives about the 45acp in the moon clips - but only time will tell. Gone shooting once since I arrived down here. Who ever kept telling us that it was cheaper to live in FL forgot to mention "except for the shooting ranges". (and groceries, and rents, and insurance...)


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      Tried this again a few days ago. Had one or two misfires on the first strike with a couple of the .45acp rounds. One round (foreign headstamp, don't even know where I got it) failed to fire even after repeatedly being loaded and struck. Shot 50 rounds of Federal AE today. All fired. The target on the left was .45 Colt (commercial, lead RN reloads). The bottom one on the right was the Federal AE 230gr FMJ. Both of those were shot double action. The top center (small) target was Fed AE .45acp fired in single action. All at 15 yards, the maximum at the local indoor range. In DA, there is kind of a hitch in the trigger. It rolls fairly smoothly, and then "binds" right before it releases. In single action, it's a little smoother, but a little heavier than I am used to (i.e. a Smith & Wesson trigger). In fairness to the Ruger as well, I have barely shot revolvers much in the last 30 years, so it is likely me as well as the gun.
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