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How much rifle is required in Florida?

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  • How much rifle is required in Florida?

    Folks in Northern Latitudes seem to be content (or legislated) to hunt with shotguns. I've been hunting the North Florida Scrub for years with a Mini-30 Tactical with an 18 inch barrel, successfully limiting my shot's taken to under 150 yards. This year I'm dabbling with Ruger Guide Gun in 30-06. (also a Carbine with a 20 inch barrel) Since I've yet to find a reason to take a Hog or Deer at distance of over 100 yards, Is a 30-06 off the shelf Ruger Guide Gun overkill/overgunning for Florida Hog/Deer? I mean a 30-06 has a point blank range of 300 yards, so most rounds expended on game animals require a hold-under.

    Awaiting Y'all's response.
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    Yeah, the '06 is probably a bit much down here, but is an animal ever TOO dead?
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