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1911 assembly video

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  • 1911 assembly video

    This is a YouTube animated video of the parts and assembly of a 1911 Colt 45ACP. It's probably been around before but it's pretty interesting to someone new to firearms and how they work. It's also a testament to the genius of John Moses Browning. Not many things in this world last a 100 years essentially unchanged!

    http://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=E6SmlOEzNBs&feature=grec_index =

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    I'm going to sticky this.
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      This is the same video with out the music.


      Some folks may like this one better.

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        First I tore one apart I watched that one several times. Good reference..
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          Seems pretty straight forward. However, I have basic questions and I'm not sure where to start. Do all 1911 have basicly the same spec? IE .. generic specification. Easily replaced/upgraded parts? Point me to a better thread if nessary. I'm sure there are dosens related to .45acp. I have no preferance to manufacture. Just want resonable quality, price, and customability (if that's a word). Would be interested in building a race gun or sorts.

          Currently doing minor upgrades to my 92fs aimed at home defence. I find it limited by parts options for much further customization. I think tinkering with with a .45 for sport might make a good hobby.


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