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Death of the 1911?

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  • Death of the 1911?

    Ha! Ha! I don't see that happening. Seems writers come up with this catch line ever so often. Some say the design of a 1911 is poor because you have less rounds. I say only if you are going to miss a lot or your taking on a whole gang of thugs. Most hand gun fights are settled within a couple of shots. This article is a good read that you might enjoy from the Outdoor hub.

    The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his/her rifle.

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    I read the article and he makes some good arguments but the 1911 isn't going anywhere


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      If the 1911 is out dated, why are there more manufactures building them today then at anytime in the past?

      He needed something to fill space.


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        Well, I think it's safe to say the 1911 will outlive most of us, anyway,


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          Radial tires will go out of style before the 1911.


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            John Browning and his 1911 pistol is to the gun industry what the internal combustion engine and the Model T has been to the Automotive industry. Everything after has been based, influenced or designed because of it.
            Why do I carry? Somebody else will pick the day I need my gun, not me.


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