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Sig Sauers New P365 Carry Pistol

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  • Sig Sauers New P365 Carry Pistol

    Looks like another winner from Sig, the Rolex of handguns. This one compact enough to use as a carry weapon.

    Quote: You read that right. The Sig Sauer P365, released today, is a 10+1 slimline, subcompact thatíll have recent purchasers of Glock 43s and S&W Shields wondering if their dealer has a 30-day return policy.

    At first glance, the gun looks like a me-too pistol meant to compete in the quickly crowding 9mm, striker-fired, subcompact pistol space. But, this is no copy of any other pistol on the market. Itís smaller, lighter, and more shootable than its competitors. The gun features a low bore axis, textured grip, fore-and-aft slide serrations, ships with night sights, and two 10-round mags (one with a pinkie extension). Sig also blessed the P365 with a proprietary accessory rail meant to mount Sigís own light and lasers. Weíre told Sigís working on versions just for the P365.

    Check it out.

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    Might make a little splash in the market pool but the higher costing 9mm's are up against some tough competition ...
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      It'll be an uphill battle against the G43 and Shield.
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        Even as a sig guy (selectively,) I will wait to insure no kinks or recalls before I attempt to care. :)


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          I'm in love!

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