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Remington model 11 info please!

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  • Remington model 11 info please!

    Can someone give me some info on this shotgun? Like the value?
    Inherited it from the in-laws, Remington model 11. I believe an 20" barrel. Flaming Ordnance bomb on the side, with military finish stamped on the other with what I believe to be a parkerized finish on the shotgun. Looks to be a Remington copy of a browning auto 5 in a riot/trench type setup.
    Pic is not the exact one but identical and in just as nice of condition
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    If you search GunBroker and GunsInternational.coms you can get an idea as to value


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      Never seen one in that setup. I have one that my Granddad bought new and passed on to me but mine has a 28" barrel. It is a copy of the A-5, Savage made some copies as well in that same time frame but are much rarer in number. Have seen the regular ones go for anywhere between $250 and $800 bucks in the past, they seemed to have brought a lot more money back in the 80's than they do today. I saw a 16 gauge for sale the other day for $400. Don't really know anything a riot version of this model though.

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        I've checked gunbroker. Maybe I wasn't thorough enough but I didn't see one in this particular configuration, I do know they were in fact made with the 20" barrel


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          Don't believe the trench gun was actually produced. ..lots of riot guns/police guns and I've seen many sawed off M11's...if it's a original police/riot it's worth some bucks...Troop C FHP jad one back in the 80's


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            Check out Shotgunworld.com


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              Will have to check out shotgun work when I get access to an actual computer and not my phone, website is as ting weird on my cell.
              I was just able to find this and it seems to describe my shotgun



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                I used the military model 11 with a 20" barrel in Vietnam and I have the military Ithaca model 37. Depending on condition and markings your gun could be pretty valuable.
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                  I'm trying to restore a civilian model now for our Son-In Law It was his Dads,' a real basket case. I finally tracked down parts.


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