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Remington Introduces 870-DM Shotgun-The Outdoor Wire

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  • Remington Introduces 870-DM Shotgun-The Outdoor Wire

    Reposted with permission-

    Today, Remington takes the wraps off another of their new products for 2018, and this one will likely cause a commotion among the fans of their venerable 870 pump shotgun: their newest announcement is a "new" Model 870, the DM - as in detachable magazine .

    Remington's new 870 DM Magpul model shotgun. A legendary pump shotgun revisited- with a six round detachable magazine. MSRP $799.00

    Yep, an 870 shotgun with detachable six round magazines. Pump shotguns are regarded by many as the scattergun equivalent of the venerable revolver- easy to learn to run and nearly as reliable as a hammer, but not quite as "exciting" as semi-autos.

    One reason for that lack of excitement is the inability to quickly change loads. Shucking loads in and out has been one of those things countless shooters, from upland hunters to police officers have long complained about when running the 870 -or any pump for that matter.

    The detachable magazine, although it requires a significant re-learn in the 870 manual of arms, answers that complaint with the ability to quickly change magazines, ala the modern sporting rifle.

    In September, I had the opportunity to visit Gunsite Academy and spend some quality time on the new 870DM. Unlike many "tests" of unreleased guns, this was essentially a legitimate "test - the opportunity to run a new gun in several scenarios included in Gunsite's shotgun class. No Gunsite class is no-brainer, so the opportunity to try a new gun under considerably more than "square range" conditions helped me understand what was the same on the new DMs -and what was considerably different.

    There are several versions of the 870 DMs whether you want to go for the turkey/predator option MSRP $799 in Kryptek camo (above) or the DM-Tac-14 "Shockwave" version at $559 (below). Remington images
    The 870 DM I ran was the Magpul verison. Equipped with Magpul's SGA stock and M-Lok forend and SX front/XS tactical ghost ring sights mounted on the XS tactical rail. It's a platform very similar to my personal Scattergun Techologies/Wilson Combat 870 I've used it for everything from 5-stand to 3-gun competition, so the feel and basic operation wasn't totally unfamiliar.

    But the detachable magazines required some adjustments in how I'd normally run what is essentially my favorite shotgun with a magazine feed instead of my extended feed tube.

    No issues running the gun with rounds saddle mounted on the stock, splayed in my fingers or carried in a dump pouch, but the bottom load option for singles was off the board.

    With the six round magazine inserted, there's no way to toss a single up and around the gun into an open chamber from the bottom. Coming "over the top" -especially after you've run a gun to the point the barrel's hot -is possible, but much less comfortable than the cooler "under" option.

    Here's an important note: with interchangeable mags, you more than likely won't be forced to make the single-feed adjustment in "normal" circumstances. For testing, this was something Gunsite's instructors required me to do so I could really see the difference between the "old" style 870 and the newer DM models.

    It changed how I'd run the gun in competition, because I'd run the gun like my AR. I don't run the gun dry in competition, preferring a "tactical mag change" to having to change on a locked back bolt.

    But the ability to change from shot to buck - and back- via the interchangeable magazines definitely appealed to me, despite some changes in how I'd otherwise run the gun.

    Gunsite's instructors offered several options to load/unload operations, but I found it simpler (at least for me) to use my normal unloading/verification methods - after dropping the magazine.

    The gun I ran through the shooting house was the 870 DM Magpul model they're announcing today, with Magpul "furniture" (SGA Stock with Super Cell recoil pad, MOE M-Lok forend) an 18.5 inch Rem Choke barrel with an extended and ported tactical choke, XS steel front sight and XS tactical rail/ghost ring rear sight.

    All the 870 DMs will ship with a single 6-round magazine, but Remington product managers assure me that accessory mags will be available at the same time the guns hit the shelves. If you're going to get one, be certain to treat yourself to an additional magazine or two.

    Remington's Model 870 has proven itself a reliable performer thousands of times over in virtually every shotgun application imaginable.

    As a lifelong fan, I'm curious to see how more experienced shotgunners respond to the change. As is the case with any revision, not everyone will approve. But I'm betting predator/turkey hunters will approve -as will those who like the idea of a short- but legal-shotgun like the Shockwave for home defense. Law enforcement officers will undoubtedly like the ability to move between various loads with ease.

    Today's announcement is for six variations on the 870 DM- and offers everything from the "shorty" Tac-14 to a "traditional" looking "Hardwood" version with, you guessed it, a wooden stock and corncob fore-end.

    One of the new 870 DMs is undoubtedly headed for my gun safe- but it will be an addition to my existing 870, not a replacement. That's probably going to be the case with many 870 owners. I like the new version, but I know my old one.

    --Jim Shepherd
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    I hope MagPul comes out with a 10-round magazine for this gun!
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      I am waiting for my LGS to get one so I can eyeball it in person. If priced right, I'm in
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