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Purdey Trigger Plate O/U Shotguns

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  • Purdey Trigger Plate O/U Shotguns

    What a fine piece of machinery it is, at the small price of 73,000 Dollars!!!!! OMG!

    I wonder if Sir Elton John has one?


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    I just ordered one.
    Proud Supporter Of President Trump


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      I have a matched pair to go with the matched pair of SxS..........


      • GSPKurt
        GSPKurt commented
        Editing a comment
        It appears I need to up my game...

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      Well, when I hit the Powerball I will....................


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        My little Dickinson sxs 28/.410 is said to be a trigger plate design.
        Scotsman John Dickinson designed an early trigger plate action.
        I wonder if that's why Akus chose the name.
        It's a great little gun. Unfortunately, I've heard that parts are impossible to find.


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          Actually, John's last name was DICKSON; the Cabela's DickinSON is a play on the name. The gun is made by AKUS in Turkey, and before it was called the Dickinson, it was the S&W Elite Gold (I have one). Yes, it is a true copy of the original Scottish design and the Turks make this gun very well.

          The Cabela's Dickinson has parts readily available; the original would require some digging and the services of a true SxS gunsmith for proper fitting (or making as the case may be)


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