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Carry With One In The Chamber Or Not?? Whats The Time Difference.

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    "The blink of an eye" comes to mind.


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      Train, train, train.......keep it chambered


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        Originally posted by Vagante View Post
        Train, train, train.......keep it chambered
        and you WILL act the way you train


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          Having a 4 year old granddaughter who comes into our lives weekly I choose to clear my weapon (M&P 9) before entering my granddaughters home and placing the weapon out of reach. When at my home watching her, my weapon is placed away from her reach but readily available to me.
          I agree with experts and otherwise carry my auto pistol with one in the chamber and ready to fire ( I prefer safey on from my 1911 days). Israeli Style carry puts the citizen at a big time disadvantage-one Iím not willing to take. Fearful of carrying in condition zero or one should consider a revolver or SA/DA pistol. My 2 cents as a graybeard citizen


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