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Fast Is Fine, But Accuracy Is Final In A Gunfight

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  • Fast Is Fine, But Accuracy Is Final In A Gunfight

    Quote: This shooting in St. Louis is an example of the “get the shots off quickly” mindset can fail in real-life encounters against a determined adversary. Marcus Portis had the element of surprise and launched an ambush on a man in a vehicle in what should have been a relatively simple attack to complete successfully. He failed, however, to make a single effective hit, missing his intended victim repeatedly and leaving him only with a thigh wound.

    Despite being behind the curve, the victim was able to regroup, draw his own firearm, and put effective shots on Portis that killed him in his tracks.


  • #2
    Smart man that Earp fellow...
    The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his/her rifle.


    • #3
      You can't miss fast enough to win a gunfight.

      Go, Trump, Go!


      • #4
        Aim small miss small


        • #5
          It helps to have a private range, to practice weak
          hand, one hand, and emergency response. Many public ranges
          frown upon defensive practice.


          • #6
            Nothing stops the other guy from shooting at you quite like killing him.

            I will not lay down.
            I WILL, however, assume a prone firing position if necessary!


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