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Ccw, Bond tux, wedding, help?

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  • Ccw, Bond tux, wedding, help?

    Ok so I have no idea what Im doing... but I realize you all cant help me with the idea of getting married and where it came from lol. No ma'am, not sure what Im doing.

    Anyway, I bought a custom tux, we did out best to get the exact same tux Bond wore in Casino Royale. I dont think he carried when he wore it, and I know in another scene he was carrying IWB small of his back. Looking for suggestions as this is a pro 2a wedding. Ill be carrying my g43, its close enough in size to bonds walther so good enough. I normally carry in an aliengear holster but was thinking about something different. I want to keep my waist as thin as possible. Also want to know before getting my tux tailored in May.

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    Ankle holster?


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      Shoulder rig?
      Go, Trump, Go!


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        Im thinking shoulder holster. I dont think my tux trousers are wide enough for the ankle.


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          You really feel the need to carry at your wedding? Issues with the In-laws?


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            All is good, for most part.

            The reason for carry was to fit the Bond theme. Best man and I were going to carry. Were also from a lib state originally so its a celebration that we both made it to FL and got where we are.
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              How did the wedding go?
              Did you wind up with a shoulder rig?


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                Originally posted by Danoobie View Post
                How did the wedding go?
                Did you wind up with a shoulder rig?
                Its coming up, about a week and a half. Really excited. Still no holster yet. I accidentally bought more guns instead so far lol.

                Been having trouble finding a decent priced shoulder rig for the 43. I think my best friend/best man, may have got me a shoulder holster. He mentioned it, but I told him not to, then he came back with your gift arrived.


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                  You could just go with one of those inexpensive Derringers.
                  Small, light, fit most anywhere. Cobra makes them. I got boned
                  for mine, and only paid @220$ OTD for it. Just sayin'.

                  They even come in 9mm.


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