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    I also OC'd in Florida prior to October 1987 on occasion, but feel more comfortable CCing. Why, don't draw the stares and questions as to why the need of a gun. I vacation in Ora Valley Az. each July and August and seldom see anyone OCing.
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      According to Gutmacher, OC is ONLY legal in Fl if: Participating in or going to or from hunting, fishing or shooting event, on personal property or LEO/Armed Security. NOT natural disaster or anything else. Also they passed a "printing/inadvertently revealing" your gun law.
      Freedom comes from those who fought for it

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        Further, consider this scenario: Folks (BG) see you OC and call the cops and swear you pointed the gun at them. Now it's your word against theirs. Now you're being charged. Think it can't/hasn't happened? Want to take that chance? Be smart.
        Freedom comes from those who fought for it

        USMC IDPA-SO NRA member GoA Life member


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          Rather than start a new thread, I thought it might be fun to provide a little CPR to this one.

          NOW, we have the five "stages":

          Intent-BG has the will, and is selecting a victim-

          Interview-You've become a part of the selection process-

          Positioning-Setting you up, in an optimum situation or location to strike-

          Attack-The active commission of the crime-

          Reaction-The criminals reaction to the attack-

          The OC supporter wants to breeze on through the preparatory stages, acting like the
          only way the proposed victim can get through these three phases unscathed is by
          having his carry gun visible.

          I disagree with that postulation. I got through many decades living in crapholes in NJ
          by refusing to be a victim, IE, "failing the interview", to the point where it became
          natural reaction to the "interview" process. Awareness of your situation will allow you
          to be prepared, and either avoid positioning, or be awaiting it.

          Neither OC nor CC is a bullet-proof shield, and surrendering your awareness, based upon the
          mere fact you OC, is foolhardy. But by tipping your hand about being armed, you expose your
          ace in the hole too early.

          OC isn't license to turn off the radar, folks.

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