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Yesterday Peter Drakes legal backyard range was raided and shut down by the SWAT TEAM

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  • Yesterday Peter Drakes legal backyard range was raided and shut down by the SWAT TEAM

    Hi All, I got a Facebook message this morning from a very upset Florida man by the name of Peter Drake. Yesterday while he and guests were firing on his brothers 160 acre property gun range SWAT arrived and ordered them to stop shooting threatening felony charges if they persisted. "It's illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits" they claimed. He was familiar with my story as it broke in is N Florida community a couple days ago. He tracked me down and asked for advice;

    "Hi Doug, Please hear me out - sorry for hastily contacting you here, but I'm in a crisis with my local police. Winter Garden PD (Orange county) shut down our range yesterday with 7 armed officers in a swat raid, with AR's pointed at our group. They said we will be arrested if we shoot again on our 160 acre, private property. I remember seeing the article about your setup in south FL and the timing of my incident may be a blessing in disguise. Can you offer me any advice? I'm beyond upset. Thank you! (I hope I have contacted the correct Doug Varrieur)"

    I spoke to hm for about an hour and turned him onto the proper statutes then told him The State Attorney Pam Bondi needs to be contacted with a request to prosecute the persons who made the decision to break Florida State law. To get an email to Pam's office it goes through her assistant, here's her email- cate.crutcher@myfloridalegal.com. I also told him to CC the email to the top law enforcement officer in the city, the city attorney the mayor and a reporter for his local paper. I just received this from Peter

    "Hey Doug - I've sent a cease and desist letter to the agency, copying the senior sergeant, chief and mayor (they will forward the rest to the attorney). My language changed pretty drastically when typing this. I stated that I intend to continue to shoot on our property and they will in no way interfere. I called the Sgt and he was backpedaling and asking me to give it a moment. I was firm but tactful and I am waiting for their response. This may be resolved sooner than I expect. Thank you again for your help - I'll keep you informed."

    The moral to the story is that the gestapo techniques of the Winter Garden PD will come to a screeching halt TODAY and another Florida citizen will retain his rights. As stories like mine and Peters spread liberty gets protected, Citizens helping other citizens!

    Here's a picture of his range on the 160 acres;

    Peter Drake Gun Range2.jpg Peter Drake Gun Range1.jpg

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    Update from Peter, his story in his own words;

    From: Peter Drake

    Date: 3/10/2014 3:47:06 PM

    To: doug@varrieur.com

    Subject: Hey Doug!

    Hey it’s Peter Drake!

    Please feel free to move the words around to make for a better read - I’m at work at the moment.

    On Saturday, March 8 2014, myself and 4 guests (including an 11 year old girl) were enjoying a range day on our 160 acre private property. This is something we have done almost weekly for several years. This day, however, things were different. After an hour or so of shooting, we could see patrol cars at the locked gate. My brother went to investigate while we put our weapons away (being law novices we were scared out of our minds). As he walks to the gate to investigate, 7 officers, armed with riot shields and AR-15’s, storm the gate and order him to the ground. While he is detained, they summoned us with their PA system to exit the woods with our hands in the air. How do you explain this situation to an 11 year old girl? Words cannot soothe this child. Frankly, I was scared out of my mind, but had to remain strong as I was essentially the “range master” that day. Halfway out of the woods, I can see several officers taking cover behind the oak trees, with their weapons aimed at us. I had to yell at the top of my lungs that there was a child with us and to beg them to lower their weapons. They complied. Once the group was together, they officers proceeded to run our ID’s and walk through our private property to where we were shooting. When the smaller group returned from the range, one officer actually complimented our arrangement. Fast forward 30 minutes when the police are leaving. One officer returns and barks “if you ever shoot out here again you will be arrested and charged with a felony”.

    The entire incident was traumatic enough. This is something I won’t forget, and this poor child will probably never want to touch another firearm in her life. That being said, the worst part of this ordeal was having this goon of an officer leave us with a threat.

    This transpired on a Saturday. My Sunday was obviously ruined. Now I write this on Monday, after having a full day to process the injustice that had occurred, and I am more livid than ever. Fortunately for me, I had read about Mr. Varrieur’s incident with his local police, and by the power of the internet, I was in contact with him.

    My course of action to resolve this has begun, at Mr. Varrieur’s supervision. I have contacted the department, spoken to the senior officer on duty personally, and the mayor. It was very easy to cite the state ordinances that protect our 2nd amendment rights. Basically my letter was a cease and desist, and to never approach us again regarding this issue that should have never been an issue.

    Doug, I’ll have a more level head this week so let’s talk sooner than later. I will let you know what happens when we resume shooting (weather and time permitting – tonight).

    Thank you again for everything!

    Peter Drake


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      After working in LE this kind of story makes me sick.


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        I have copies of the Florida laws on this printed and my friend keeps them in the camper on his property where we shoot. One time only did local law enforcement show up and demand we stop shooting. When my friend handed him the paperwork we had printed and his lawyers business card they instantly changed their story and started to apologize as they all but ran off the property. The following day my friend did the same thing, wrote a letter to all the appropriate people stating the law and how the local LE was violating his rights. After that there has never been a problem, never another visit and now I no longer see that officer in a squad car anywhere around. I guess these officers don't think us simple people read and know the law protecting our own rights


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          This is the same kind of tactics that have been seen in Texas with the Veteran out for a hike with his son in the country or others that are treated like a criminal first without any decent investigative work before acting like jack boots! I was discussing your back yard range with a co-worker today and while he supports gun ownership, he had allot of concern about your range. He had recently heard of it in the news and was asking my thoughts on it. I asked him what would be enough? 5 acres, 10, 100? He said that if you had 5 acres that should be fine but then I told him about the Brooksville news article about neighbors complaining about people shooting on several acres of their land. I doubt hardly anyone would think 160 acres is unsafe unless he was right at the edge or something! It will be interesting to see what happens in this case...keeps us informed. Thanks.
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            Range looks pretty good but I would raise that dirt bank some.

            Hope that all plays out well but I am sure that this kind of activity in and around any of our larger cities, within the city limits will bring a response of this nature.


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              From our conversation I gathered Peter's a nice caring fellow. He wasn't law savvy at the time of the raid but it just didn't feel right to him. When I asked him "didn't you wonder why you weren't arrested or your guns confiscated?" the lights started to come on. I hope this makes the news in his town but that's his choice not mine. These gestapo tactics need to be reigned in. The Winter Garden PD knew the law, you have to believe that or someone would have gone to jail. This is the exact situation I hope to make a dent in.

              WE THE PEOPLE!


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                I believe that kind of terror brought on by the very people that are supposed to protect our rights should be addressed by a lawyer and a sizable law suit. There is no excuse for this behavior.....there should be a whole lot more training and knowledge of the situation before the pit bulls (called SWAT) are called out on a law abiding citizen. Whoever the supervisory officer who was in charge of this should be dismissed for being a terrorist leader !!!! Yes, a terrorist leader!!!!!

                Cops (and I respect them all for the job most of them do) do not and should not be allowed to run wild with armor, weapons, etc. on the American citizen at large.

                ESPECIALLY ON PRIVATE PROPERTY!! What a STUPID knee jerk reaction to cops provided in this instance.

                "Until reinforcements arrive, can we learn the ways of church mice"
                - Al Swearengen, "Deadwood"


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                  I agree Rangedog! BUT, Peter has no lawsuit basis YET. He searched the city ordinances to try and find a written ordinance and couldn't.....so no lawsuit for the city, and he has no damages personally to sue for...just harassment. I told him if I was closer to him I'd come over tonight and shoot with him and risk arrest with him.....and if arrested, NOW you got a lawsuit! He'll let me know tomorrow how he makes out tonight. My guess, he'll be left alone....we've threatened the right people.


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                    Good news gang, here's a picture just sent to me from Peter :)

                    Perter Drake 5 minutes ago.jpg


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                      Good job Peter never back down when you know that you are right, some police will try to apply the law the way they want it to be not the way that it


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                        Interesting story. But I agree, he needs a thicker and better berm. But, 160 acres is big piece of property.


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                          Any chance you could post some links to these statutes so if we ever decide to build one of these were covered?


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