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Glock refinishing in South Florida?

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  • Glock refinishing in South Florida?

    Looking to get a Glock 17 & 27 refinished.
    I'd like to have the receiver and slide both refinished in OD green.
    Anyone know where you can get it down in South Florida?
    Or anyone that does it privately that would be willing to do it for a charge?
    Must be quality work though.


    Looks like I'll be getting some 870s that need refinishing as well.
    It would be nice to give business to someone locally that's done such refinishing before. =)
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    I have heard good things about Guntech in Ft. Lauderdale. Having stopped in a few times a while back, I once did ask about getting a shotgun refinished and I believe they said that they send it out of shop for the bluing. Their website has some info about refinishing though I'm sure you could call and get more info. It's a start for you.


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      if you are willing to ship your guns to Jacksonville these guys do great work at a fair price


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        Thanks guys.
        Looking into seeing if I can just duracoat the pieces myself.


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