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Now you know how they make .22 ammo

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  • Now you know how they make .22 ammo

    I have had a couple of people in my classes ask how .22's are made and I didn't have a real good answer for them in my opinion...

    Here are 2 short videos that explain the entire process. The 2nd video explains the testing process...



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    Wow...seems like a fairly intense process even if they are producing so much each day! I sure would be happy with just ONE pallet from them! Have to figure they are running as fast as they can including all the other manufacturers around the country and in Mexico! I couldn't help but think of Private Benjamin when they mentioned the wet inert primer material that became dangerous when dry. The sergeant told them during their live fire exercises that most of the mines were "inert" but some of them were "ert"! Thanks for the video!
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      Sure wish I could get a couple of cases.. Now we know their process for making them... Good info...
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        Great videos! Learn something new every day...


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          Excellent videos. Thanks so much for sharing them here. I love watching those factory shows and learning how things are assembled.
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