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Not So Good "Space Coast Ammo" Experience

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  • Not So Good "Space Coast Ammo" Experience

    I had purchased .38 spl rounds from Space Coast a few times in person from the West Palm Gun Shows and was satisfied with both the price and product.

    I was in the market to repurchase this item and noticed the Space Coast web page in January/February that they would have a table at the March show.

    I looked at the page again mid February and found they did not have the show listed. Shot them an email and they sent back that "we had planned on it but had to cancel".

    Sent back to them that I would be interested in placing an order for 1000 rounds of .38 spl 158gr SWC and if it could be done by mail order or over the phone. They emailed me back "Yes we can ship or you can pick up at the next West Palm show. Richard works for the promoter so he's there even if we don't set up. Before we ship we would need a copy of your drivers license on file as proof we are shipping to an adult. You can call the store and place an order".

    I sent an email back with a copy of my drivers license asking for a total amount including shipping for for this item. I called them to give them a credit card over the phone and the woman suggested I just pick them up at the show and save on the shipping and just ask for Richard at the door as he works for the show promoter. Richard calls me at home on Saturday to remind me that he has my rounds and I inform him that I will be at the show on Sunday.

    I arrive at the show Sunday to find that I can only use a personal check or cash for a $180.00 total. I didn't have my checkbook (how many of you carry one) did not have that amount of cash on me. He stated that a automated teller was available but I could not use it as I don't recall my p/n as I don't use it for cash. To be honest I use my Discover card for most of my purchases, pay them off each month and they give me a "cashback bonus" each month. In other words, Discover pays me to use the card.

    Anyway, I told Richard that I would call him in the morning and give him my credit card info so that he could ship it out to me.
    He said that would be no problem.

    This morning I call and he says he does not see a copy of my license on file. Told him I included it in with a previous email back in February. He informed me that it must be by mail because they are blacked out if sent by email or fax. A previous email from them stated that they needed my drivers license to make sure that I am an adult. I am 60 years old (and probably look 70) and he just saw me a day earlier and he needs my license to prove I'm an adult?

    I told him to forget it as this transaction was more trouble than I expected. So much for trying to keep my money local.

    I got on the Georgia Arms website and placed an order for the same item and got a confirmation email back. This was all done in less than 5 minutes. The total price was more ($232 vs $190.) but no hassle and a ammo box thrown in. Georgia Arms stated that delivery may be delayed 5-7 weeks but that is no problem. I had already wasted almost 5 weeks with Space Coast and had nothing to show except having to pay $8.00 and gas and time going to a show I had not planned on attending in the first place.

    ImpatientKindaGuy only has so much patience.

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    Re: Not So Good "Space Coast Ammo" Experience

    That is very unfortunate. I am sorry to hear this. I like Spacecoast and try to promote them whenever I can.
    President Trump IS My President!


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      Re: Not So Good "Space Coast Ammo" Experience

      Originally posted by GSPKurt
      That is very unfortunate. I am sorry to hear this. I like Spacecoast and try to promote them whenever I can.
      I talked them up also as I was satisfied with the ammo and price.

      To be honest, Richard seemed like he could care less in person and on the phone. Maybe that is his temperament, I don't know.
      A companion with me yesterday also got the same impression.

      Today it is a sellers market. He might miss my business sometime in the future as my household houses an AR15, Kimber .45, Glock 9mm and a S&W .38 spl snubbie.


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        Re: Not So Good "Space Coast Ammo" Experience

        That's a baaaad attitude to project. This panic-induced buying frenzy won't last forever...
        President Trump IS My President!


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          Re: Not So Good "Space Coast Ammo" Experience

          been waiting 3 months for my order from Georgia Arms

          try and always use cash for ammo and firearms never leave a trail
          in fact use cash for everything


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            Re: Not So Good "Space Coast Ammo" Experience

            I used to use Al's bullets or bullseye bullets out of Valrico a few years back. They sold it and moved it--and don't attend any of the shows that I've gone to in quite a while.

            I then started using the spacecoast bullets--I think they were called precision or something rather back then.

            I started using them quuiite often--bought plenty from the shows and when they were spacecoast--bought plenty of them.

            Well, for the last 1.5 years, I can't seem to get 45 ACP 230 gr RN from them-- I think i managed to get 1000 bullets about a year ago. That guy always tells me "We're sold out".

            Well, they shows start at 9 am and I was in the top 10 people to get into the show two times in a row--He just doesn't bring any and doesn't seem to care.

            I just simply don't buy anything from him anymore.


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