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****Attention FGF Forum Members- Ongoing site updates****

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  • ****Attention FGF Forum Members- Ongoing site updates****

    Due to recently available security updates for the site, I will be doing some maintenance. You may notice some downtime as it is being updated. I will try to do this during the lower volume hours. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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    ***Update...The latest security patch has been updated. We will be looking into upgrading to a new version for the forum software soon. More to come.


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      Thanks. Was in the middle of typing a post when it shut down last night.


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        We have been having some issues with the hosting company and are trying to update everything so we can be as secure as possible.
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          We believe that the problems are behind us, but I will be upgrading the forum software in a couple of weeks.

          Thank you, CaptCraig, your assistance has been invaluable.
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            Thanks for everyone's patience while I worked out the forum issues. As Kurt has mentioned, a forum software update is in the near future. The update will keep the site safe and will also provide a few new features. The new interface will provide more options to users for how they would like to view content and for better mobile accessibility. It is also Facebook connect capable for those of you that get tired of posting to the forum and then posting the same thing again to Facebook. You will have the option to send these posts directly to your Facebook account.


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              Does Host Monster allow you to have a separate development domain? An exact copy to another domain so the software updates can be test and fleshed out before applying them to the real domain...sort of the way we do it in the industry to avoid development issues on the real domain? Just a thought and suggestion...it might cost extra but be well worth it not to have the forum down for extended time periods. You can rarely count on upgrades of any sort going smoothly from my experience. Thanks for getting it back up!
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                Thanks Craig for your work on the software, that was not too painful.

                Tried to get on a couple of times and yelled at the computer, rolled on the floor kicking my arms and legs, but none of that behavior helped. Works with the wife sometimes.


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                  Thank you CaptCraig for your work on the site. I wondered what was going on as I was unable to log on all day yesterday and also this morning as well. Felt like I was on the outside looking. I could browse the forum and see everyone else carrying on as usual, but any attempt to log in was met with a "404 Page". It's good to be back on the inside.

                  I'm seeing some two other members usernames and avatar as just a o with a Join Date of Dec 1969 and Post Count of 0, so I'm wondering if they may be in the predicament I was?


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