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Buds Penny Auction Question

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  • Buds Penny Auction Question

    Can anybody explain how this Buds Penny Auction works. I got an e-mail yesterday about one opened it up and looked at what they were offering. Saw a Berretta 22 so I said to myself what the heck I'll throw in a bid. I went to the Auto Bid Section and put in a $10.00 bid just for kicks and giggles. It had five hours left on the auction. I looked at it today and someone got it for a few dollars much less than my top bid. Did I do something wrong or is this just a come on?

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    Sounds fishy.
    Go, Trump, Go!


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      Did you call Bud's and ask them?


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        Looked into it further it's a bunch of crap. A fools trap.


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          Please share so we can avoid that scheme.
          Go, Trump, Go!


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            your bid was to high you can bid only $0.01 at a time, that penny can cost you from $0.16 to $0.55 per bid


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