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Is It A Gun Buyers Market?

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  • Is It A Gun Buyers Market?

    All these great prices are killing me, so many deals and a lack of extra funds over the Holidays.

    Palmeto has a AR 15 bolt carrier complete for $69 this am, only good for today though. So much tempting items for sale its hard not to run up the credit cards.

    Are you planning on buying some new guns over the holidays to gift yourself?

    Our advertisers are running some super sales so you should check with them first.

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    You got the disease and there's no cure. Gunist .. You see a deal on a gun and you can't pass it up. LOL! I sure wish I could afford more as I have the disease too. LOL!
    The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his/her rifle.


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      The ones I want require a winning lotto, Mega, or Powerball ticket!

      Have you seen Wilson's answer to the Glock 19? EDC X9 15+1,. 1911 style and trigger, no grip safety, bobbed mainspring housing; ONLY about $3K


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        I am buying components (triggers, BCGs, barrels, buffer tubes, uppers/lowers, etc.) as I am finding them on sale to build more rifles. Walmart here in Tally had 325 boxes of Fed., AutoMatch for 4 cents per round. They would only let me have 6 boxes, and I'll be back 2moro...
        Why do I carry? Somebody else will pick the day I need my gun, not me.


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          I bought the Rem 9mm buckets from Academy on sale for $70 and then there is the 30 Rem rebates making each round about .11. I can't reload for that, but I am buying NOW while it IS that cheap


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            I see too many sales online which tempt me all the time , especially the Bcgs from psa lol. However when the family started asking what I want for Christmas lol everything I asked for was on sale and firearm related . Iím pretty much in a stand still with buying until I get my butt to the monthly meeting for the eustis club sadly its Sunday and Iíll be out of state so Iíll have to wait til January . Iíve already spent a lot between the ruger precision I bought 3 months , new barrels , sights , red dots , keymod rail, still waiting to get my scope which I told the wife about lol so my budgets already stretched with just enough for a membership at a club.


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