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Is Remington going down??

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  • Is Remington going down??

    Looks like hard time has hit Remington (Cerberus Capital Management).

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    They're filing for time to renegotiate with their creditors, but it's not a good sign. Their quality has been declining in recent years.
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      Which makes you wonder why they are a billion dollars in debt when they are rushing crappy products to market..........unless Cerebus has just been siphoning off the cash (as most of the capital investment groups do)


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        Someone will swoop in and buy the name post chopping block. The Remington name willl survive. Hopefully, this time, it will be an entity that supports the 2nd Amendment.

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          Quality? A word unknown to Remington/Marlin for some years now.
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            They need to make a permanent move out of the east coast tax and fee area to be a viable company. I am sure we are going to see a lot of changes made to staff and facilities by the team that will be assigned to clean up the place. Bye Bye Union wages and benefits.


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