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Get The Lead Out (cleaning tip)

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  • Get The Lead Out (cleaning tip)

    I had a stainless revolver that had a lot of lead staining on the cylinder face and in the forcing cone area. My LeadAway cloth is in storage. Searching around online, I found a suggestion to try a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and (fresh) hydrogen peroxide. I started with a cotton ball that I soaked in the mix. At first, I didn't see much of a result, but I did notice a slight darkening of the cotton ball. After a few minutes, however, it appeared that some of the face was a bit cleaner. I kept at it with moderate pressure and most of the lead eventually came off. I couldn't get the cotton ball close enough to the crane (and the crane is not readily removable from the cylinder - it's a Ruger Redhawk), so I used a brass "toothbrush" type of brush to finish around the cylinder/crane area. I then soaked the area around the forcing cone, especially the area on top in the front "corner" area and hit it with the brass brush. All clean!

    Hearing about one of the "factory" versions of this mixture, a poster commentated that they then recommended cleaning the firearm off thoroughly with their "second" chemical mix or rubbing alcohol
    if their mix was not available. I used rubbing alcohol to flush/clean the treated metal. I then thoroughly coated everything with lubricating oil.

    Not sure what this mix would do to a blued finish, but if you have a stainless revolver with "the usual" lead fouling, you can give this a try. HTH.

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    Good info to have.
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      Others on another board have said that it will remove bluing in a heartbeat. One said that he *thinks* it creates lead acetate, which is toxic. I didn't notice any fumes, and cleaned this in the kitchen at the table. I then made sure to clean the table when done.


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