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I don't want to do this

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  • I don't want to do this

    So, the offsprings of the offsprings, of the Man I flew Missions with are robbing and stealing from the homes in the neighborhood. He accepted those offsprings into His House, and I applaud Him for that. Now how am I supposed to walk over and tell him that I shot his offspring terminally while they attempted to assault my disabled spouse inside of my Home! Am I supposed to feel sorry for those that would have terrorized my suffering spouse should I not have been there to pull the trigger?

    So is it a matter of time or dosage before they forget the things that have occurred on my property, and I'll eventually need to make the trip down the street before Florida's handcuffed Law Enforcement Agencies can apprehend this blight?
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    you have to do what you have to do to protect you spouse


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      You are obligated to protect your spouse. I have no sympathy for the scumbags who put you in that situation, but would probably let your friend know what will happen if they enter your home uninvited.
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        I would have probably done the same.


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