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Biggest Gun Shop In The State Of Florida?

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  • Biggest Gun Shop In The State Of Florida?

    From actual experience, can anyone tell me what is the biggest (selection wise), gun shop in the entire state of Florida?
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Shoot Straight.
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      Shooter in jax


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        Originally posted by cfh View Post
        Shoot Straight.
        bigger but not better Shoot straight


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          Shooters is a big place. I can't comment on Shoot Straight, cause I haven't been there.
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            In All Of Florida?

            Would these include all cities including Tallahassee, Naples, Miami, Tampa, The Keys etc.?


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              Lets see.... the question was "what is the biggest (selection wise), gun shop in the entire state of Florida" That pretty much covers all the cities in the state.

              While I'm at it... the Old Time Gun Shop in Hudson is light on square feet but overweight in selection of guns both hand and long! JMHO...



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                The Old Time Gun Shop in Hudson has a great inventory and very reasonable prices.

                If the Shoot Straight referenced above is in Tampa; they don't have very good prices compared to many of the smaller shops I frequent (which are smaller than the OTGS).

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                  Shoot Straight has eeeeeeverything including unreasonably high prices!!
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                    Shooters might be big, but it isn't big enough to run Segways around.


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                      Biggest one around here that I know of would be Florida Gun Traders in Port Orange, Just south of Daytona on US1. Great shop with lots of knowledgeable folks. I'm like a kid in a candy store when I go there.

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                        I believe Shoot Straight has the largest selection and Florida Gun Traders in Port Orange is the best all around shop IMO.
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                          Selection-wise, I'd vote for AAA Guns and Pawn just south of Deland on 17/92. He says his stock is down right now... to about 4500 weapons. Seriously, it's like a 2nd Amendment Disney World.

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                            Peterson's in Taveres used to be real nice,good selection(lots of old stuff)haven't been there in awhile.


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                              Originally posted by tekoken View Post
                              Shoot Straight has eeeeeeverything including unreasonably high prices!!

                              +1 on Shoot Straight being H I G H...and pretty much unwilling to come off their price even if you show them some competition pricing.

                              As someone said, must be high due to Segways at the shows!


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