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Federal XM 90 gr bonded SP 6.8 Ammo at PSA for $24.99

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  • Federal XM 90 gr bonded SP 6.8 Ammo at PSA for $24.99

    I been waiting for this ammo. Federal has finally made available their 90 gr bonded SP ammo through PSA. I've only seen this ammo offered for sale on Gun Broker for a hefty price tag. Early reports have this ammo as devastating on hogs. I believe this is the same ammo Federal is supplying the Saudi Government with for their new LWRC 6.8 rifles.


    Federal has really come a long way in short time with their 6.8 offering. I've ordered 5 boxes to test.

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    Whose bullet? I'd like to load some up and give 'em a test...
    Go, Trump, Go!


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      Hmmmmmmmm...... I wonder just how much deader this ammo will make a pig than the ammo you have been using? ;) ;)



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        Originally posted by GSPKurt View Post
        Whose bullet? I'd like to load some up and give 'em a test...
        Federal's bullet. They haven't release the bullet. Only the ammo for now.
        Of the two (Federal's Fusion and this XM ammo) this supposedly the better choice one for hunting.
        The Fusion is a little slow. From what've I've read, it ranks up there with Barnes' 95 gr TTSX/110 gr TSX, Nosler's 110 gr Accubond and Hornady's 120 gr SST.

        But as Bang Bang suggested, a pig won't notice much of a difference if shot with one of these bullets.
        Unless, it's a 350 lb beast.
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          Starting to read in some other Forums where Federal's XM 90 gr Gold Dots are not working well on large hogs. Have read where large hogs (ie: 200lbs +) are requiring several shots to drop. The heavier but slower 115 gr Fusion ammo seems to be better for the larger hogs. Too bad, I bought around 200 rounds of the ammo. For now, I stick to Hornady 120 gr SSt, Barnes TSX and TTSX (both expensive) or Nosler Accubond bullets when hunting with my 6.8.


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