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Duck Dynasty T-Shirt A Threat??

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  • Duck Dynasty T-Shirt A Threat??

    DINWIDDIE, Va. — A Virginia high school wasn’t “happy, happy, happy” with a “Duck Dynasty” t-shirt one student wore to class recently.
    According to WWBT-TV, Dinwiddie High School forced Hunter Spain to remove his shirt that pictured Si Robertson with the words “I Will Hurt You Physically and Metaphysically” because it was deemed too “threatening.”
    “For this to be considered a threat to the school, I couldn’t understand it,” Edna-Jo Spain, the student’s mother, told WWBT.

    The school reportedly told Spain to either turn the shirt inside-out or go home to get a new one.
    “I’m not going to look stupid in front of all these young ladies in the school,” the student told WWBT. “So I decided to get a different t-shirt.”
    The school stands by its decision, saying the shirt could be misconstrued to those that don’t watch the popular reality show.
    “If you are a ‘Duck Dynasty’ fan you understand the meaning of the shirt,” David Clark, the school’s superintendent, told WWBT. “But if you haven’t watched ‘Duck Dynasty’ you may question if the shirt implies violence. As a school division, we would like to keep our slogans on student shirts as non-violent as possible.
    The Spains, who are huge fans of the show, will be taking part next year in a “Ducky Dynasty” cruise.

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    Our Education System is being over-run by the Liberal Wienie, Politically Correct, Panty-Waist, JACKA**ES!!!!!


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      isnt there a freedom of speech, or at least expression, violation going on here?


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        Originally posted by ksenter View Post
        isnt there a freedom of speech, or at least expression, violation going on here?
        Of course there is, but Freedom of speech only counts if you are a Liberal Wienie Democrat dis-ing a Conservative. Can you say "Double Standard?"


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          Those who have read the Constitution understand the real issues facing the nation. Those who haven't want all the free stuff, maybe they should be sent home until they read it
          Why do I carry? Somebody else will pick the day I need my gun, not me.


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            Yeah...Duck Dynasty is such a threat. The kids might grow up to work hard for their money and they might take the time to pray before they eat with their family. The threat is that the children may grow up to be proud of their country and see how it is being fleeced by (Big Swear Word)heads.


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