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Get your flu shot....

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    Bang Bang, glad to hear you and everyone in your family is feeling better. I know how you felt..., my joints were so sore I could hardly walk. I had no energy and was wheezing so loud that it would keep me up at night. And the cough really hurt in my chest. Lucky for me, my wife insisted I go to the walk-in clinic.

    Here in the Dallas area, they are giving Tamiflu for any illness that may be flu. Over 30 people have already died from the flu in this area. Just saw a news story about a man with 6 kids couldn't afford a flu shot for everyone. The kids got the vaccine but he didn't. His kids are fine but he died after his flu turn into pneumonia. He was healthy with no underlying problems. He went to the Doctor twice for bronchitis. He laid down to take a nap and never woke up. So sad.
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      I`ve been a victim of the flu many years ago. The Asian flu and the Hong Kong variation, both laid me way low Bigtime!. The last shot back in the early 80`s {Live virus} did me in too but today`s vaccine uses dead cells for the formula. My Grandparents lost Three Children to the Flu back in 1918-1919 and they Never forgot what flu can do. Neither did I. I get my shot Every year and just hope for the best,have been flu free for a Long time now {Knock on wood}. Please get your shot BUT check out if you are allergic first.


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        Originally posted by The Old Anglo View Post
        I`ve been a victim of the flu many years ago. The Asian flu and the Hong Kong variation
        It wasn't the "make boom boom long time" variety was it OA???? Just kidding!
        Gun owners must unite in 2016 to defeat the Democratic agenda. ALL Gun Owners get out the vote!


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          From a friend that I have known for years...just lost his brother to the flu! Sad.

          Last night, my brother-in-law, xxxxxx died. He was 48. Three weeks ago, at Christmas, he came down with the flu. It was the H1N1 strain. It became worse and it led to his being hospitalized with double pneumonia. One complication led to another, his vital organs began to fail, and he passed away. In essence, he died from the flu. The flu. In this day and age. It is a particularly new and strong strain of the virus (hospital staff said that they had six other patients with it). Losing xxxxxx deeply hurts us. My sister xxxxxx, her son xxxxxx and his daughter xxxxxx, have, of course, the unyielding support of both families and friends.
          Gun owners must unite in 2016 to defeat the Democratic agenda. ALL Gun Owners get out the vote!


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            Very sad.

            I'm at two weeks on my flu shot, so can rest a little easier. But if I get sick, I'm going to the doctor.
            Lots of people who have died from the flu in this area got their flu shots. It's only 60% effective.
            I think this area is up to 40+ deaths from the flu. People dying from the flu is making the news here.


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              My Fiance just got the the flu last night. Neither one of us got a flu shot. I still feel fine, but I will give it a few days. It has happened more then once that she has gotten the flu and I didn't. Only time will tell...


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                Get her to the Doctor ASAP. If she gets bad, don't take any chances and take her to the ER ASAP.
                If she gets on Tamiflu she should start to feel better within 24 hours or sooner.
                Most people can survive the flu. Its the complications that follow thats killing people.
                N1H1 is strain you don't want to take chances with.


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