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Pasco Sherrif Chris Noccco Stands up to Piers Morgan

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  • Pasco Sherrif Chris Noccco Stands up to Piers Morgan

    Piers tries to maneuver Sheriff Nocco into agreeing with him that guns are bad and that gun control is good over and over but Nocco stands firm on his core concerns as Sheriff. Nocco is my local Sheriff and I could not be more proud of him right now.

    "If guns cause crime, all mine are defective." ~ Ted Nugent

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    This is great. Piers says places where gun ownership is strictly illegal are better and people don't go to movie theaters with guns... well, in America, murder is strictly illegal, what the heck was that guy doing in the movie theater committing murder. guess there is some flaw.


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      The Sheriff did an excellent job of replying to Piers' questions while making a rational statement about guns. It was good to hear for a change. Thx for sharing.

      "Until reinforcements arrive, can we learn the ways of church mice"
      - Al Swearengen, "Deadwood"


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        I applaud Nocco for his efforts...and I may attempt to use his own argument against him regards to NFA LEO signoff...

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          He nailed it on the head...except Piers wouldn't accept it because he thinks he is smarter than a Sherri ff! PM is such a horse's arse! There is one Brit we forgot to kick out of this country in 1776!
          Gun owners must unite in 2016 to defeat the Democratic agenda. ALL Gun Owners get out the vote!


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            Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
            There is one Brit we forgot to kick out of this country in 1776!
            I am not sure but I don't think he was here back then. I does kind of act like he thinks he should be ruling over us so maybe he was. He is definitely one we should send packing now. This was joke but typing about him is ticking my off way to much so I can't continue.
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              Nocco has earned my vote


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                My KUDO`S ti the Sherrif for his actions. Morgan is nothing but libertard Scum and Needs to leave America, after he is Tarred and feathered.


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