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Boeing Sells Out To Japan??

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  • Boeing Sells Out To Japan??

    Not the sale of the company but by transferring its technology to Japan.


    Similar stories can be told about the complacency of other U.S. industries in the face of emerging Japanese competition. Where Japanese industrial “targeting” is concerned, America never seems to learn.
    Now another industry is being targeted—America’s last remaining crown jewel, aerospace. The Boeing Company in particular has long been in Japan’s crosshairs. Yet, in what amounts to one of the most outrageous sellouts in modern business history, the U.S. industry is consciously cooperating in its own demise. Swayed by stock options, top U.S. aerospace executives are increasingly prioritizing short-term profits over the long-term health of their industry.
    Japan is arguably already the world’s largest aerospace player. Certainly it is the ultimate source of a vastly larger share of the industry’s most sophisticated parts and materials than a reading of the English-language press would suggest. And given that Boeing now subsumes most of the erstwhile independent companies that put Neil Armstrong on the moon, its eclipse constitutes a major part of a larger story of American decline.
    In return for transfers of American technology and manufacturing know-how, the Japanese low-ball their prices for supplying an ever widening and more advanced array of components and materials. In many cases, Japan’s state-controlled airlines further sweeten the pot by paying top dollar for U.S. airframes and jet engines.

    All this boosts the American industry’s short-term profits. For the Japanese the seemingly steep upfront costs are a steal given the enormous amount of learning-by-doing that would otherwise be required to reinvent American production techniques. As for the American national interest, the most obvious consequence is an endless stream of layoffs of American blue-collar workers.


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    Goodbye America as it used to be known as.
    The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his/her rifle.


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      I guess the Chinese will now need to begin refocusing their efforts of industrial espionage towards Japan so they can steal secret aerospace technological from them as well as us.


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        American industry is/has been/always will be.....whores.....they're only interested in money....minimum loyalty.....if any....

        "Until reinforcements arrive, can we learn the ways of church mice"
        - Al Swearengen, "Deadwood"


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