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New Panic In Full Bloom

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  • New Panic In Full Bloom

    So, apparently there is a full blown panic run on guns, ammo, reloading components, etc. Have any of you found any shortages of anything you usually have no trouble finding?
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    No one?
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      after obana i told myself that i would never pay $10 for a box of 50 22lr. i got all calibers when they chep


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        If it wasn't for the wife being so sick and my failing health I'd be out there rolling all I could. As it is I have a few rounds rolled but no large amount. You need to buy in bulk or your not going to save a whole lot..
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          Once ammunition became plentiful in the last few years I decided to just "over buy" when I ordered new ammo online.

          Once ammo becomes more available and properly priced again, I'll continue to add to the stockpile when ordering my bulk shipments.

          In the meantime, it's not a problem and I can continue to shoot my weekly IDPA and Steel Challenge matches into the rest of the year.



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            We still have supply, just rising prices
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