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Louisiana Hog Hunt

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  • Louisiana Hog Hunt

    Last weekend (3/11-14), Just Dave and I went to visit a Facebook friend in Alexandria, LA. to hunt some hogs. We loaded up on Friday morning and headed west. We got in later that night and checked in to our motel and went to sleep. The next morning, I met Shane and his first words were "Take a picture of your UTV now, because it will never look like this again!" Boy, was he right!!


    The trails were very muddy, and negotiating them was a challenge. I was happy with my Pioneer, it did not get stuck once.


    Go, Trump, Go!

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    Unfortunately, the night we arrived, a big cold front moved in and the pigs stopped moving. The second night, the same thing, Dave missed a sow and I saw nothing but some 'coons.
    The third and last night, I missed a sow also, but Shane dropped a very large boar and a smaller boar, so it wasn't a total loss.

    It was a great trip, and the first time I have spent any time in Louisiana, and I look forward to going back for more fun!

    Go, Trump, Go!


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      Go, Trump, Go!


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        Go, Trump, Go!


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          It was an epic trip! Great experience and leaves me hungry for more!

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            Glad you had a good time....
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              Still cleaning my Pioneer. That clay mud is tenacious.
              Go, Trump, Go!


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                Abby killed this one...with a knife. She knows some fellas who work for plantation owners removing nuisance feral hogs. They let her tag along last week. They use dogs to corner and grab the hogs while they run through the woods chasing. Then she had to run up and stab it in the heart before it could get away from the dogs.
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