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How Assault Weapons Saved Koreatown

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  • How Assault Weapons Saved Koreatown

    April 30th will mark the 25th anniversary of the L.A. riots that devastated large parts of the city after the Rodney King trials.

    For five days rioters destroyed or severely damaged 3,767 buildings and killed more than 50 people. However, a story that has been overlooked is how the neighborhood of Koreatown survived throughout the turmoil until now.

    A&E announced on Sunday that they plan to release a television special about how the government abandoned the residents of Koreatown. They were left with only their semi-automatic weapons to defend themselves and their property.

    David Joo, the former manager of the Western Gun Shop, is one of the most prominent people featured in the TV special. He detailed how he called the police and watched them arrive, but as the gun fire started, they fled, leaving Joo to his own devices.

    “We already called the police, then when I arrived here at the beginning, I could see the LAPD vehicle with like three or four officers there,” Joo said.

    “Oh, we have the police here, we are safe!” Joo said to his employer Richard Park at the time. “But as soon as the gun fighting started, they ran away. We were on our own.”

    Looters were heavily armed but Joo and Park shot back, and they weren’t the only ones. Another store owner named Jay Rhee said to The Los Angeles Times that he and his employees went to the roof of their building with semi-automatic weapons and started shooting off rounds.

    Read more at http://redalertpolitics.com/2017/04/...XLIxAFWMmzO.99
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    Actually, if I remember correctly, they were on the roof with Ruger 10/22's.
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      i think that it was that they had guns.......... that made them not be crazzy


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        So they were left with only their semi-auto weapons to defend themselves after the police abandon them. The police officers first rule is for HIM/HER to go home at the end of the day. I don't want to rely on them when I need protection even if they are there. I will take my weapons to protect me or others over waiting and prying a police officer might show up to help.
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          Way to go A&E. Lets open up old wounds and get everybody all stirred up again. Maybe with a little luck we can kill 100 people this time and burn down more of LA. Soros is taking apps for smiley face men and women in their twenties. Must be enrolled in college as only educated idiots need to apply.. JMHO! ..
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            Originally posted by GSPKurt View Post
            Actually, if I remember correctly, they were on the roof with Ruger 10/22's.

            They had a lot more than 22 caliber rifles. AK's, AR's and Ruger Mini 14's I recall. I was working in Santa Monica at the time and we had two plants located within the riot area. The police left the area, at the Mayors instructions, and set up way out on the 405 to keep folks out of the riot area. They told the residents to arm themselves, then closed all the gun stores and other sources for ammo. It was not a fun time.

            As the mobs came walking down the streets the Koreans and others that were protecting businesses fired at them and they ran like rabbits, not wanting to get hurt. So if the police had taken a stand and shot a few of the trouble makers the riots would have been over quickly. Rodney King was a thug with a record longer than your arm.

            I traveled to work with a 45 auto on the front seat under a newspaper and kept a Ruger Mini 14 loaded up in my bedroom.


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              When the ringleaders of the trouble are dealt with swiftly and harshly, things end quickly
              Why do I carry? Somebody else will pick the day I need my gun, not me.


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