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Trumps New White House Comm Director Is Not Gun Friendly

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  • Trumps New White House Comm Director Is Not Gun Friendly

    The guy has made a lot of claims about the need for gun control in the US. Plus he voted for Obama, Clinton and wanted Hillary to win. What was Trump thinking??


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    Who knows anymore. I am fed up with the system abuse by all them monkeys in Washington.
    The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his/her rifle.


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      Trump has to work against both sides against him. You hold your friends close; you hold your enemies closer...........


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        Scaramucci is more of a politician than Trump is. On TV he has been as pro Trump as anyone. He has also deleted past tweets (and announced that fact publicly) that might be used as a wedge between him and Trump.
        Don't forget that Trump himself was a Hillary and a Schumer supporter in NY before he ran for pres.


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          People confuse Trump with being a right wing conservative Republican - he isn't. He shows a lot of Libertarian aspects on certain issues such as shrinking Federal government and cutting back on spending - both issues the liberals and NWO Republicans abhor.


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            Looks like Scaramucci just got fired and escorted out of the white house. Anti gun dude is gone.


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