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What NRA Says About Bump Stocks/Slide Fire Stocks

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  • What NRA Says About Bump Stocks/Slide Fire Stocks

    Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..................... .................not sure what that means?

    Quote: The fact is that the Obama administration a couple years ago legalized a device, their A.T.F., that fuzzed the line between semi-automatics and fully automatics. And if we’re able to fuzz that line, all semi-automatics are at risk . . . If you fuzz the line, they’re all at risk. And we’re not going to let that happen.


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    This should give some insight...


    "The National Rifle Association has been in support of workable, enforceable gun control legislation since its very inception in 1871."

    —NRA Executive Vice President Franklin L. Orth
    NRA's American Rifleman Magazine, March 1968, P. 22

    President Trump IS My President!


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      I kind of regret buying that Life Membership now.
      President Trump IS My President!


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        Originally posted by GSPKurt View Post
        I kind of regret buying that Life Membership now.
        Me too! The NRA may be the biggest voice the 2nd Amendment has but in my opinion they are far from the best.
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          I don't think I will kick the NRA under the bus just because they are not fans of bump stocks/slide fire stocks.Just my personal opinion.


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            We are lucky that the GCA 1968 didn't go as far as the antis wanted back then due to them; don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.


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              The NRA is the Alpha Male in the fight for protecting the 2nd Amendment .. Quit supporting them and see how long it takes for us to become a socialist country. I'd say about one generation would do it. Do I always agree with them, UH NO!
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