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Looks Like The NY Times Is In Bed With The Antifa Communists

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  • Looks Like The NY Times Is In Bed With The Antifa Communists

    To publish this piece of crap article is to attempt to promote a coup against Trump. Watch your backs on Saturday if hanging out in any of the cities that are listed for the violent protests.

    They are pushing all the buttons to try to get a reaction out of authorities and the public so they can cry victim and or start their desired revolution.

    Your thoughts??

    I wonder if this is a big distraction to get the spotlight off the Democratic involvement in the Russia scheme and other issues coming out about Clinton and Obama.


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    I don't think I have to worry about it where I live here in north central Florida. And if it should by chance happen, that's why I carry a gun.


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      Bring it.
      Go, Trump, Go!


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        I never understood Antifa....I'm as Spanish as it gets , not the Mexican kind , I'm the Puerto Rican kind. Dual citizenship but ever since the Army days I won't let anyone disrespect my country (America). I fought for our great flag and our constitution. Then comes Antifags who try to speak on behalf of minorities... such a disgrace. I actually was in timesquare nyc when a protest march came out of no where and that's when I was like I gotta move south lol.


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          What do you do with Cockroaches when they get in your house? We all known the answer. Problem solved.
          The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his/her rifle.


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            Talk about much ado about nothing!


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