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Its The Culture, Not The Guns

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  • Its The Culture, Not The Guns

    Quote: The fact of the matter is that from the 1750ís up through the 1980ís, there were far fewer gun laws, and guns were more readily available to people, including kids, than they are today and yet Mass Shootings were reasonably rare events.

    So what changed? Our culture did ! Hyper-violent movies, as well as video games, play at least some sort of role in this. But that's a topic for another column. But its clear to me that the availability of firearms is far from the primary factor in whats causing our current spate of mass shootings by kids.

    Your thoughts please?


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    word at twenty paces (Facebook) the children of elites talking smack to each other because mama and daddy did not tell then that words can get you kills


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      Good article. There's a big push on here in Florida by the democrats to in act a bunch of gun laws. All being funded by good old G. Soros and his goons and various outfits. Lose your guns and you will lose you freedoms.
      The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his/her rifle.


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        Violent games are one aspect, but the destruction of the family, major drug use, major depression issues resulting from the lack of instant gratification; the total failure of the US public school system since the 60s; the infestation of socialists in media and education (hand that rocks the cradle rules the world), the lack of being responsible for actions, no corporal punishment at home, and the inability to handle social issues like bullying.


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          Originally posted by BigDinFl View Post
          . . . . the lack of being responsible for actions . . . .

          Nobody but NOBODY is ever responsible for screwing up. It is always somebody else that caused the problem.

          Hit your thumb with a hammer while drunk? Sue the maker of the hammer.

          Buzzed out of your mind and kill two kids at an intersection while speeding? Sue the car maker.

          Somebody called you "stupid" because you spilled your beer while trying a wheelie on your motorcycle? Of course he's a racist, homophobic, animal hater (fill in the current popular name).

          Everybody has an "excuse" to avoid the responsibility that comes with LIFE.

          Drives me nuts.



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